Monday, October 11, 2010

Family and Senior Pictures: Liberty Senior Photographer

Last night I met up with the H family to get some family pictures, and some senior pictures for their son, Ben. Let me start this blog by saying that this is a TALL family. Ben is around 6' 4". My short-stack self had to be on my tippy-toes all evening! :o) This is my favorite picture of Ben, so far. He has such a nice smile! And he was a real trooper, considering the above shot was basically taken in a run-down, creepy area. :o)

Here is Ben's sis, Megan. She is seriously pretty...

I think I was about a mile away from him, to get his entire body in the frame of my camera!

Sweet siblings!

And, the beautiful family. I absolutely love this shot, how the trees and barn are framing them, how they are holding on to each other...perfection.

I told you she is pretty!

And mom and dad got a few of just themselves. Aren't they a cute couple? And they were dressed perfectly! Next year I am hiring Lisa to do the shopping for my family pictures! Thanks again for meeting up with me last night. It was a lot of fun!

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