Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Duvalls

Tonight I met up with my friend Ashley, her husband Jason, and their little man, Cooper. Cooper just turned 6 months old, and even cut his first tooth today! Here is Cooper with his sweet momma. (He loooooves his mommy, oh boy. Almost the entire session he was reaching for mommy, or chewing on his hands, haha)

Ashley saw a patch of tall grass, and Cooper was happy to sit in it for us...for a bit!

I love this one. He is precious!

Mom and Dad are so funny. :o)

He is so happy here, because he is standing on his mom! Did I mention that Ashely has a mommy's boy on her hands? As the mom of 2 mommy's boys...I must say that it is a wonderful thing!

Cooper and Daddy!

I love this one, sweet!

Another favorite...

And this was the very first picture we took! Thanks for asking me to do your pics today! You guys are so sweet, and Ashely I miss seeing you at school everyday! Cooper is precious!

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