Sunday, July 12, 2009


Today I had the chance to go photograph 13 day old Brooke, and the rest of her gorgeous family. Her mommy looks *amazing*! I love the above shot, with Brooke peeking over Mom's shoulder. Brooke is a very strong-willed baby! She did not feel like being our model today, lol. That's okay, Brooke! You are so adorable I was able to get some super sweet shots.

Love the texture in this one. This is my new blanket and wrap. She liked to be swaddled.....didn't like being naked so much! :o)

Brooke's mommy is a hair-stylist, and she had an entire basket full of bows for the baby! Don't you love that pearl necklace?

Here is a shot of Brooke's brother, Brody and dad. Brody is such a crack-up! I learned that he likes suckers, and Yo-GabaGaba.

Brody! He even treated us to a special "Get Your Sillies Out" dance toward the end of the session. What a cutie. This picture puts a smile on my face! It was so nice to meet you, B family! You guys are so photogenic! Thanks for having me over today. :o)

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