Friday, June 12, 2009

The 3 Amigos: Kansas CIty Children's Photographer

This evening we went out with the Joel & Kristen and Beckie & Sam (and all of our kiddos!) to celebrate Sam's 28th birthday. We went to Los Compas on the square, and so we had a little "mini session" on the square with the kids! Hudson's smile is so contagious, isn't it?

He is getting so big!

I love this outfit. He wore it to Owen's first birthday party!

Sweet Izzy! She is such a sweet little thing....she looks so grown up with her mouth full of teeth!

Oh, those brown eyes kill me!!!

And literally the only usable picture that I manged to get of my child! PCS (Photographer's Child Syndrome" is bad with this one!) He is such a stinker!


  1. Awh those pictures look great!!!

  2. those kids are just adorable and OMG I'm loving this picture of your son!

  3. Are these with your new lens?? If so...I'm sold! They are awesome!